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Last updated: June 27, 2001

Welcome to the kochu melayveedu site

Started by Mr. Kochu Krishna Pillai; the then Karnavar of Nandiyar Vedu. The Karnavar thinking  beyond his time, decided that since on his death his daughters (according to the Matriarchal system) would have to vacate the Nadiyar House - they should have a "Kudubam Veedu" to go to. Far sighted he therefore bought and installed his daughter in "Melayveedu"

Of course the original descendants of the House, never reconciled themselves to the loss of the house and termed the new owners "Kochu Melayveedu"! 

Since the purpose of this site is to have a record of all descendants the matriarchal system has been given the short shift . 

Right now the story starts with Pillai's daughter Parvati Pillai. I would love to trace it back still further but the source is uncertain.  Parvati Pillai had six daughters & no sons of which just two survived and begat families. 


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